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My name is Diego Giorgini. I like building things, learning new technologies and
exploring new ideas.
I study Computer Science at University of Padua (Italy) and UC Irvine (CA).
I love to get my hands dirty with #security #lifehacking #coding #web #ruby and #startups ...

I am @ogeidix on Twitter and Github

Choose uncomfortably

Happen to follow the decisions instead of take them.
You can realize it when your decisions are too often comfortable, comfortable for your family, for your friendship, for your work, comfortable even for yourself.

These decisions are safe, they cannot hurt anybody but...
... they seem to you too comfortable.

Actually these are unique situations where you can permit yourself to grow up. Even better you can choose the direction in which you want grow up! (yes, another decision I'm sorry)

Here you can choose a comfortable decision, afterall nobody will regret you for this, even better everyone you know will be happy for that.

Otherwise you can choose the uncomfortable direction.
With such decision there is an high risk and you can be sure that someone will be angry, disappointed and even upset with you.
But this is the only way to truly grow up and to learn more about yourself.

So, get out from your comfortable zone through uncomfortable choices!

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”    –    Henry Ford

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