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10 things I learnt picking up a flight

After 3 months spent studying night and day for my spring exams session I decided that I really needed a bunch of days off, a concentrate of life. So I took my backpack e picked up a flight.

These are some concrete things I learnt traveling five days between London and Dublin.

1. Book in advance really worth it

While I was searching to keep low my travel expenses I waited too much to buy tickets.
If you don't want pay high fees you must buy all tickets in advance!
ps: this is particularly true for low cost companies (ryanair, easyjet) but is also valid for train and ferries!

2. Internet is everywhere, be sure to be ready

Internet is really everywhere! I had wifi connection while being in buses, in bars, in parks and also in the ferry in the middle of the sea! (Actually I had also a 3G connection really everywhere thanks to H3G who offers free roaming internet plan in all the Europe!)

But you can't connect to internet without a proper (and charged) device. Smartphone and laptop are important if you are traveling without a complete plan. Laptop could seems a heavy and useless, in my experience however was really useful and worth the additional weight.

3. Check cash and cards

To be abroad with no money and no way to withdraw additional one may be a very serious problem.
Be sure to check that your credit card is enabled for international circuits and check it again when you arrive in your destination.

4. Do a proper backpack

It's not necessary to repeat the minimalism mantra right?
Actually some little things can be very useful. So before leave for the next trip remember to buy:

5. Take some food with you

I walked so much and so fast that often I remembered to have lunch (or simply I became hungry) in the wrong time and in the wrong place (As 6 in the morning or 10 pm) with consequent run to the nearest fast food or market.

So... Keep something to eat in your backpack! Two apple and some cookies will permit you to survive while exploring cities and to do a proper meal in the best and traditional places.

6. Buses, trains and especially ferries are far better than airplanes

Airplanes could seem cool but... trust me, the best way to travel is by foot, train or ferries. You will have the possibility to rest, recharge your device, walk around and especially to meet people and chat with them.

Moreover travel by ferry, preferably in the upper deck by night, is definitely something to try.. it's magical and indescribable.

7. Crowded city may not what you are looking for

I went to visit London and Dublin but the city I liked most was Holyhead, met in the trip from London to Dublin. Be ready to enjoy the unexpected

8. Travel alone is the way

The road is your! To travel alone is the only way to access to all possibilities that will open to you once you choose to leave. Destinations, places to visit, way to travel, things to do.

9. Meet people

Travel alone doesn't mean in any way to be alone. You will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people, exploit it!

Speak with everyone, in the hostel, in the train, in the streets (could you take a photo please?), ask to have dinner together

10. Do it!

Still here? Really.. Leave!

When I was came back to home I met the grandfather of a friend of mine who suddenly said:

"You can come with no money but richer than ever"

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