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My name is Diego Giorgini. I like building things, learning new technologies and
exploring new ideas.
I study Computer Science at University of Padua (Italy) and UC Irvine (CA).
I love to get my hands dirty with #security #lifehacking #coding #web #ruby and #startups ...

I am @ogeidix on Twitter and Github

Going to USA!

Ready? GO! I am starting a really big adventure that will last not less than 8 months.
This adventure is named UCEAP: University of California, Educational Abroad Program

UCEAP is a student exchange program that allows to the students of more than 100 universities to study abroad for 2 quarters.

As student of the University of Padova I participated in the last selections and won a grant to study at the University of California - Irvine for fall and winter quarters. This win was not a quick result. I started the preparation one year before looking for information and contacts and working hard for my bachelors degree.
Obviously something has to happen and so I seriously risked to miss the deadline for the selection. I really have to say thanks to Thomas who called me while I was in Spain. Thanks to him and to a big dose of luck that call permitted me to produce all the documentation needed for the selection. (Again Thanks Thomas!!)

After more than 6 months I finally have in my hands the flight ticket to Irvine (plus the J-1 Visa and the famous document ds2019)

This experience will be a true adventure.Because I am what I am, because I am so far away from home and I am staying away for quite a long time everything is a bit unknown. I haven't a precise plan and I don't know what opportunities I will have.

The guide lines of this adventure are few:

The remain has yet to be wrote :)

PS: In the waiting of a post about "the leave" I want to thank all my friends, parents and my family. All you are something really precious to me, moreover now that I am far from home. well… I hope you enjoyed the GoodBye Mama party :)
SEE U ALLIGATOR!!! xoxoxoxo

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