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My name is Diego Giorgini. I like building things, learning new technologies and
exploring new ideas.
I study Computer Science at University of Padua (Italy) and UC Irvine (CA).
I love to get my hands dirty with #security #lifehacking #coding #web #ruby and #startups ...

I am @ogeidix on Twitter and Github

Kiwis and the missing apartment

It's hard to come back to work after so many vacations. Unfortunately the mountain of things to do grew so much that I really needed to take some time to come back to the keyboard and to do some boring work.

However this didn't prevent many funny things to happen, afterall I am in California, guys!

Jet, kiwi super dancer

I was in a pub with the EAP crew when Jet came.
Me: “Hi, I am Diego and I am temporarily hosted by Shawn”
Jet: “Nice to meet you Diego. I am Jet and I am hosted by Shawn too”

I had just met my new livingroom-mate!

Jet is EAP student from new zealand and a couchsurfer like me.
He is really easy going and walking / talking with him is simply too funny.
We stayed together in Shawn's house and we had a lot of fun and parties.

ps: He can dance quite everything! but I still have to see a complete performance! Jet, let's go clubbing!

A crazy search for an apartment

While the major part of the other international students had already found the apartment (thanks to friends from here or by joining the oncampus contracts) I was still without an apartment and the time was getting shorter.
I spent more than a week looking for the apartment, several hours each day trying to reach the impossible: find a nice apartment, close to the campus and... cheap!
The possibilities were mainly three: OnCampus, the Courts or far-far-away

First: OnCampus Housing

The apartments inside the campus perimeter are considered oncampus.
Here you can you use some campus services like free buses and most of the students live here.
This is also the place where there are the fraternities and the sororities and, obviously, the parties!

The students who live oncampus can enjoy many amenities like swimming pools, jacuzzi, barbeque areas, gyms and basketball field that are sparse all around the houses. It's like a touristic village with all the benefits for free!

Second: The Courts close to the campus

Out of the campus perimeter (formally Campus drive) there is a big residential area splitted in many "courts".
Students, families and people who work at the university live here. Even if here you are offcampus some of these courts are closer to the campus than some oncampus apartments.

These apartments are rented by a private company and come completely without forniture but... even these "courts" have their swimming pool, barbeque and recreational area.

Third: Far Far Away

The last possibility are normal apartments in the near cities like Irvine, Newport or Costa Mesa.
There you can find cheaper apartments as well as single rooms rented by families. Unfortunately you will be quite far from the campus, you will need a car and you will be excluded from the campus live. Not a good solution!

A bit (actually a lot) of work

As I said before I dedicated this week to work on my laptop, either for work and for the apartment.
Quickly the Starbucks became my office and I really spent many hours there. Here some facts that can tell you the level I reached:

Saturday is saturday, let's go to the beach!

After a week of work you need to rest, and what is better than a day at the beach? Unfortunately my friends were in Los Angeles for a two days trip (I skipped because of the mountain of work to do) but don't worry, just few posts on facebook and I found another group on EAP students to join.

Bel (Australia), Sophie (Denmark), Pablo (Spain), Rie (Giappone) and me have been in the beach for the whole day and when we came back to the campus we did a nice... BARBEQUE PARTY!

(In the picture you can see one of the BBQ & Swimming pool areas for the students hosted oncampus. Nothing to envy to a 10 stars resort!!)

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