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My name is Diego Giorgini. I like building things, learning new technologies and
exploring new ideas.
I study Computer Science at University of Padua (Italy) and UC Irvine (CA).
I love to get my hands dirty with #security #lifehacking #coding #web #ruby and #startups ...

I am @ogeidix on Twitter and Github

Home Sweet Home

Wow, more things have happened this week than in an entire month in Italy!

Did you want the bike? Now ride it!

First of all I eventually bought a bike!! I started to feel really stuck in these big landscapes so you can imagine how happy I was when I found a nice bicycle at a reasonable price on craigslist. Immediately I called the person and I ran to catch the bus.
The seller, infact, was not in Irvine but in the near city of Huntington Beach.
But... as I told you the nearest city is ten miles far from the campus...
So it was that I arrived really late at the appointement, also because the bus dropped me 2 miles far from my destination. Eventually I bought the (fantastic) bike and I started to ride back home when... my phone's battery died, and with it also the maps.
Obviously it got dark soon and so I was riding a bike alone, more than 10 miles far from home, without maps!

After all it was a nice experience :) I enjoyed the nocturnal ride and 2 hours later I met two nice guys who picked me (and the bike) up in their car and drove me home!


On tuesday there was a great CouchSurfer's Meeting in Newport Beach, where I obviously went with my new bike :)
The party was really funny!! There were a lot of people, people from everywhere and with a lot of stories to tell.

I also met many people who were planning a trip to Italy and an italian who came here to head the construction of a big bridge.

At the meeting I met two crazy people: Chloe and Jhonny! They were really funny and Chloe was so kind to host me the day after the meeting.

 COUCHSURFER LIFE Chloe and Jhonny

On wednesday morning I moved to Chloe's House and I spent three days with her.
She is a girl full of live, dynamic, warm and funny! I really enjoyed the time spent together walking with her dog Sophie, meeting Jhonny and hiking in LA with Ariel.

Last night Chloe, Jhonny and me cooked a big Italian meal. We cooked Pasta alla carbonara and we made bread!!

 COUCHSURFER LIFE with a brave nomad to the Hoolywood sign

Chloe and me can't resist from a request of a couchsurfer looking for friends with which go to hiking.
So we left Tustin and went to meet Ariel in Los Angeles.

Ariel is a smart and brave guy who is doing one of the coolest things you can ever do: A trip across all the USA countries! He is only 20 but he has already visited more than half of the USA!! He is documenting everything on his blog: ArielAcrossAmerica.com so you can go there and check where he is and what he has just done.

Chloe, Ariel and me went hiking on the paths around the Hollywood sign and we took some crazy pictures. In the evening Ariel invited us to a special (and free) dinner in the restaurant of another couchsurfer in LA.
Along his way to California Ariel had a stop in Tustin hosted by Chloe and so we shared her "Couchsurfer Bedroom".
In the morning Ariel left again, but before he gave us something to remind us of the time spent together. Buona Strada Ariel!

New apartment, great roommates and my bed

Eventually here we are: The reason of the title of this post! I finally found the apartment!! Incredible ahahah :)

Not only I found it but moreover this weekend I moved in!
The apartment is situated in Columbia's Court. (do you remember the last post?) precisely in:

197 Exeter, Irvine, CA, 92612 (view map)

The apartment is really nice, quite spacious and completely new. I will share it with other 5 guys who are incredibly nice and friendly. I feel really lucky to have met them as they are really nice, helpful and funny.
They brought in the apartment so much stuff that we spent 2 days setting up everything and then we went to pickup a couch found on craigslist. (The couch was so big that we had to rent a truck to move it!!)

My roommates are Alex and Cristian (in the pictures with me) and we started some kind of cookery challenge. Each evening, one of us cook something particular, let me say that it is better than a restaurant!

Last picture of the month: my Bed!
After 1 month of couchsurfing and a big search for the apartment and for the bed (it was non included in the apartment!) I can barely belive to have my own room with my own bed. I just want to say that it seems to me the best bed ever :)

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