hacking with code and life

My name is Diego Giorgini. I like building things, learning new technologies and
exploring new ideas.
I study Computer Science at University of Padua (Italy) and UC Irvine (CA).
I love to get my hands dirty with #security #lifehacking #coding #web #ruby and #startups ...

I am @ogeidix on Twitter and Github


I'm currently involved in many projects, here I to sum up some...


We aim to bring the power of the network into the university didactics...
Check out the revolution of university didactis now!


With @pigatss and under the name of the team Fruktarbo.com we develop continuosly
new ideas and new projects. Some of these are: MercatinoLibri.it iBorderline.net


We like people sharing information and experiences and we think that with a pizza
and a beer it's even better! Join us in our monthly meeting and in the next (secret) project

Code, code, code!!

Code?! Sure! For now something spare on github.com/ogeidix

Something stealthy...

I'm cooking something special right now (spiced with some new gems) but I will tell you later!